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TERRIFIC DR. DARMON: Dr. Darmon & his staff are THE BEST, MOST CARING dentist office, I believe in the world!.

Sherri of Detroit

Solid all the way 12/31/2006 Posted by stef_22

Utterly wonderful. If you’re looking for a good team, look no further! I loved it. This place rocks. Fantastic.

Stef 22 at Citysearch Detroit

I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Darmon for twelve years. He is a committed professional who demonstrates his respect for dentistry in the caring manner in which he treats his patients. He is gentle, thorough, and skilled. His staff is top notch and there is always a feeling of being welcomed in his office.

Stacy W.
Farmington Hills, MI.

I went from being a dental-phobic to a dental-fanatic all because of Dr. Paul Darmon. After 20 years of being afraid and ashamed I finally took the plunge and made an appointment with Dr. Darmon. During those years I had been physically ill and bedridden, and taking potent, heavy medication, which left me with a mouthful of broken, rotted and decayed teeth. I truly believed that my mouth was beyond repair, and I still had to overcome my dental phobia.

All of that changed when I walked into Dr. Darmon’s office. His staff could not have been more wonderful, and they encouraged me to meet the dentist, instead of running away, which I confess was my first instinct. After sitting down with the dentist, he immediately put my fears to rest with his kind and gentle demeanor. We discussed what I wanted out of our “partnership,” and he slowly and deliberately developed a plan of care that would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but fundamentally sound. He explained that we needed a good foundation on which to build in order to ensure optimum dental health for the future. This would not be a quick and easy fix, but promised me that this was the right path to follow.

He was so sensitive to my fears and so gentle, compassionate, and caring, that my fears quickly dissipated. He was so skillful and knowledgeable elevating the science of dentistry to an art. He saved every tooth that was salvageable and methodically built up my mouth to accommodate a partial and bridge. During my long sessions in his dental chair, despite the drillings, extractions, etc., I never felt an iota of pain or discomfort.

As you might imagine, rebuilding a mouth that was crumbling down before me, can be a rather costly proposition. But once again, Dr. Darmon was there with his caring and sensitive nature, and was more than willing to make arrangements for my payment to be made in a way that was comfortable and feasible for me.

Most importantly he treated me with dignity and respect, and long the way, which took up to a year, I realized I was getting so much more than a new mouth, I was getting a smile. Dr. Darmon gave me a bright and lasting smile that developed from within the new self-confidence he had instilled in me.

N.S. of West Bloomfield

I am a professional singer and actress in New York City. My smile is so important to my career. Dr. Darmon has been my dentist since I was a little girl, and I make it a point to see him when I am in town. I have never sought out a dentist in New York City, where there are thousands of dentists, as I know I have the best care at Dr. Darmons office in my home town. I trust him to give me the best care and advice.

Jillian W.
New York City

Dr. Darmon and his staff are phenomenal! I cannot recommend this office to you enough.
I've received the most personal and well rounded treatment of any dental experience in my life at this office.
The entire staff are all extremely friendly and really care about keeping your smile bright!

Clark in Berkley

I had very bad teeth, 6 that were not crowned or filled. All were very old. Dr. Darmon suggested “full mouth reconstruction”. I listened to his reasoning, and put it off for 2 years, thinking it didn’t bother me having to have even more fillings put in under my crowns. When we had done only one side of the bottom and I could compare, I was amazed!

Dr. Darmon’s attention to detail, and strive for perfection, (we got down to the very last crown and he sent it back!) has given me a smile that those who know me have remarked about…including my physician… who “just has to look again” because they are so beautiful.

If Dr. Darmon recommends such a procedure, being that he would do everything possible before making such a suggestion, I would be willing to share my own experience of the entire procedure for those who might be interested.

Sandi from Livonia

Dr. Darmon and his office lives up to what an experience at a Dentist can be like! Walking in and being greeted promptly by his professional and courteous staff, Dr. Darmon’s office makes a great first impression. His staff is kind, gentle and comfort-oriented. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease. From my experience, his ability to build rapport with and listen to his patient’s concerns while making them feel important is unparalleled. The plan we discussed made it clear to me what I can expect and what the direct results will be. As a person who strives for excellence, it is very rewarding to be able to work with a Dentist who believes and lives nothing but excellence himself. Thank you, Dr. Darmon and staff.” March 29, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Katrina Campau